Places To Christmas Parades In The USA

There are some amazing places to visit in USA to celebrate the Christmas season. Here are 10 of the best places to see Christmas parades in the United States.

#1 Chicago, Illnois

Chicago is one of the best places to watch Christmas parades in the USA for a few reasons. First, instead of having just one parade, Chicago has two!

#2 Ocala, Florida

One of the best places to visit to see a fantastic Christmas parade is Ocala, Florida, located in Central Florida.

#3 Anaheim, California

A Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland starts out with a ballerina and teddy bear on a stack of story books.

#4 Duluth, Minnesota

Sitting right on Lake Superior, Duluth Minnesota is a beautiful place to visit during any time of year.

#5 New Orleans, Louisiana

#6 New York City, New York

#7 Helen, Georgia

#8 San Diego, California

#9 Baltimore, Maryland

#10 Prescott, Arizona

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