Places To Visit In Europe In September

Seville, Spain

On the sun-drenched plains of Andalucia, Seville will be warm well into September.

Cannes, France

The glamorous Boulevard de la Croisette, lined with designer shops, will still be busy, and locals will be enjoying late summer sunshine at the beach.

Venice, Italy

Venice lies in the north of Italy, so is cooler than the hot, dry south. September is still warm, but the light takes on a softer hue.

Naples, Italy

Naples is a busy, thriving port that bursts with energy every time you visit. September is a great time to travel.

Rome, Italy

September in Rome is a wonderful time for walking, as the intense heat of August has faded.

Florence, Italy

September is the month when Italians return from their annual vacation, refreshed, and Florence thrums with late-season energy and events galore.

Porto, Portugal

The lovely old town of Porto, on the southern bank of the Douro River, is one of the best European cities to visit in September.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lsbon has cooler winters than cities around the Mediterranean, but September is still a glorious month to visit.

Málaga, Spain

Málaga lies on the Costa del Sol, where you’ll still find hot summer weather in September.

Barcelona, Spain

By September, Barcelona's busy summer season is coming to an end, which means the crowds around popular Spanish destinations are thinning.

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