Places to visit in Phoenix, with kids

It has a warm temperature and knowledge for the Sun-Next Sun, the capital of South-West American state Arizona, Phoenix. The Children's Museum of Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum and Herd Museum.

Located at Downtown Phoenix at Heritage and Science Park, Arizona Science Center is a world famous center and a science discovery, a learning institution.

1.Arizona Science Center

The Children's Museum of Phoenix 10. For children up to the age of the year, there is a fun Wonderland of imagination, inspiration, creativity for children.

2.Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Idea. The museum is an institution designed to inspire children of all ages to take interest in fine arts. 'Imagination, design, experience, art.

3.i.d.e.a. Museum

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is dedicated to showing the natural and cultural history of the South -West United States.

4.Arizona Museum of Natural History

Pubelo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park are an ancient archaeological site.

5.Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park

Downtown Phoenix is a community theater located behind the residence hall of Valley Youth Theater (Vyt).

6.Valley Youth Theatre

Established in 1959, Phoenix Art Museum has been a favorite institute of modern art and learning since 55 years.

7.Phoenix Art Museum

Music Instrument Museum is the world's only global music musical museum.

8.Musical Instrument Museum

The desert botanical garden in Erizona is conserving and protecting desert plants from the Sonoran desert plants.

9.Desert Botanical Garden

Butterfly Wonderland is a luxurious, a kind of family experience for visitors of all ages.

10.Things to Do in Phoenix with Kids: Butterfly Wonderland

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