10 popular international airline routes

Read on to discover the most popular and busiest international airline routes right now. These are the top routes right now, according to OAG data.

This travel route is partly for pleasure, and partly for business. According to OAG, this flight drew 350,640 seats.

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore Changi

Jeddah is a cosmopolitan city in Saudi Arabia rich in culture with a great restaurant scene. Root had 320,237 seats, ranking second in the rankings.

Cairo – Jeddah

OAG has 292,628 seats on the Dubai-Riyadh route for February. Travel from the UAE to Saudi Arabia continues to boom.

Dubai – Riyadh

This route between South Korea and Japan will always be one of the most popular international routes. OAG has 283,204 seats this month.

Seoul Incheon – Osaka Kansai

Tourism in Thailand and South Korea continues to rise. This month the popular route has 274,017 seats.

Bangkok – Seoul Incheon

Currently listed at 267,056 seats on the month, this route between South Korea and Japan’s top cities climbed up from 10th place to 6th place.

Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Narita

Quite the difference in destinations, this route is at 266,808 seats for the month.

Jakarta – Singapore Changi

This affordable travel route is at 258,285 seats for the month. Once again, UAE to Saudi Arabia lands in the top 10 routes.

Dubai – Jeddah

The classic international getaway for so many Americans, NYC to London is a major route. It’s at 255,249 seats on the month.

New York JFK – London Heathrow

Another route featuring some very different destination scenes, this route from Thailand to Singapore is at 253,860 seats.

Bangkok – Singapore Changi

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