Reasons to Visit Cyprus in January

Therefore, if you want to get to know this jewel of the Eastern Mediterranean and to enjoy its beauty undisturbed, the idea of ​​visiting it in the heat of winter probably is not that bad.

As we just mentioned above, the “Aphrodite Island” is full of people during the summer months. This makes it a bit difficult to fully enjoy its countless beauties.

1. Less Crowded

Although the temperatures are far from what we normally imagine when we talk about summer, January will pleasantly surprise us.

2. Pleasant Weather

Although it is a bit cold for the beach, even in January there is a small chance of getting on a warm day where you can swim in the sea.

3. Beach and Sea

4. Prices

5. Skiing

6. Shopping

7. Epiphany

8. Green

9. Less Harmful Sun

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