10 Reasons to Visit the Elena Balkan

The Elena Balkan is located in Central Bulgaria. This is a small part of the Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina), which covers only the environs of the mountain town of Elena.

1. Unique natural beauty

Although covering a relatively small territory, the Elena Balkan enjoys a growing popularity. This is the result of its natural beauty and wonderful wild landscapes.

2. Excellent place for eco-tourism

The Elena Balkan is a very good choice for eco-tourism enthusiasts. Here are numerous small villages where you could spend a few days of relaxation into the wild.

3. The Magic of the Christovski Waterfall

In the deep forests of the Elena Balkan is situated one of the most beautiful Bulgarian waterfalls – the Christovski Waterfall.

4. Rich fauna

5. Real food

6. Freshness and coolness in the height of summer

7. No stress

8. Traces of Roman times

9. The monastery “St. Nikolay Chudotvorets”

10. You will not spend too much

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