10 Reasons Why Baltimore Is Unique City

Charm City is one of a kind and the proof is right here! But what is Baltimore known for? Might be America's most unique city.

If you haven't been to the American Visionary Art Museum (pictured above), you're missing out.

1. Baltimore is full of unique attractions...

The Baltimore Book Festival, HonFest, Baltimore Pride Parade and more keep the city full of fun.

2. And the quirky events and festivals are one-of-a-kind

3. Edgar Allan Poe is everywhere

4. Baltimore has one of the only legal graffiti spots in the US

5. You'll never meet anyone quite like a Baltimorean

6. Unique architectural sites are abundant

7. The neighborhoods are far from ordinary

8. Christmastime is like a whole other world

9. One of the world's oldest markets is found here

10. The National Anthem was born here

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