Rock scrambling At Acadia National Park

Precipice Trail

A challenging and exhilarating trail that involves steep climbs, iron rungs, and incredible views from the top.

Beehive Trail

This trail features exposed cliffs, iron rungs, and ladder climbs, rewarding you with panoramic views of Sand Beach and the coastline.

Jordan Cliffs Trail

A trail that combines rock scrambling with beautiful vistas, including Jordan Pond and surrounding mountains.

Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail

While primarily a hiking trail, this route involves sections of rock scrambling as you ascend to the summit of Cadillac Mountain.

Gorham Mountain Trail

This trail offers a mix of moderate rock scrambling and stunning coastal views, making it a popular choice for hikers seeking a bit of adventure.

Great Head Trail

A less crowded trail that leads to the rocky cliffs of Great Head, offering a chance for some fun rock scrambling along the way.

South Bubble Trail

This trail includes a rock scramble up the steep slope of South Bubble Mountain, culminating in breathtaking views of Jordan Pond.

Dorr Mountain Ladder Trail

This trail involves ascending iron ladders and rocky sections to reach the summit of Dorr Mountain, providing a unique rock scrambling experience.

The Bowl Trail

While not purely a rock scrambling trail, parts of The Bowl Trail feature rocky terrain and boulders that add an element of adventure to your hike.

Perpendicular Trail

This trail leads to the summit of Mansell Mountain and includes rock scrambling sections, rewarding hikers with impressive views of Echo Lake.

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