The 10 Snowiest Cities in the U.S.A

Winters can be brutal for anyone, but America's snowiest cities take it to another level. It's good to know where snow is most commonly found. US Check out this list of the snowiest cities in the U.S.

The average annual snowfall is impressive. Syracuse typically sees 92 inches of snow each year from December to February alone.

1. Syracuse, New York

Sault Ste Marie, Michigan to get away from the fast city life and relax in a relaxing place surrounded by nature. The city normally receives 83.5 inches of snow per year.

2. Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

In the winter, prepare to face 76.2 inches of snow until May arrives.

3. Muskegon, Michigan

4. Erie, Pennsylvania

5. Caribou, Maine

6. Buffalo, New York

7. Flagstaff, Arizona

8. Juneau, Alaska

9. Elkins, West Virginia

10. Grand Rapids, Michigan


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