Tallest Statues In The United States

Our Lady of the Rockies, Butte

This next lady resides in Butte, Montana, where the Continental Divide is located. The image of the Virgin Mary stands, illuminated.

Statue of Liberty, New York

Lady Liberty is a symbol of all that America should stand for and a constant reminder that there is no true democracy.

Golden Driller, Tulsa

The Golden Driller is a symbol of man’s quest for black gold, also known as oil, during the great oil rush of the south.

Christ of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs

Tallest statue of Jesus in North America and third tallest in the world. This colossal image of Jesus Christ on top of a 1,500-foot-high mountain.

Lux Mundi, Monroe

The second largest statue of Jesus in the Americas is Lux Mundi, or "light of the world" in Latin. Mounted at 52 feet in Solid Rock Church.

Jolly Green Giant Statue, Blue Earth

The symbol of vegetables, the mascot of the canning company, Jolly Green’s statue in Minnesota is a favorite among tourists and local residents.

Giraffe Statue in Dallas Zoo, Dallas

After a major renovation at the Dallas Zoo, designers decided to create a giant giraffe statue to capture the attention of all passersby traveling the interstate.

Lucy the Elephant, Margate

It's hard to ignore Lucy if you're in the Margate downtown area. Standing over six storeys tall and weighing 90 tonnes, that's a lot of elephants.

Vulcan Statue, Birmingham

While the sight of the Vulcan statue may be a bit unusual while driving down the highway in Birmingham, Alabama.

Hiawatha, Hiawatha Park, Ironwood

From the tallest Jesus statues to the tallest iron statues, the Hiawatha statue in Michigan is the world’s tallest Native-American statue.

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