the best coffee shops in the country

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From House Roasting And One-Of-A-Kind Blends, We've Found The Best Cafes And Coffee Shops In The Country. In The Following Places, You Will Find An Intense Commitment To The Craft.

Caffe Umbria truly merges Italian finesse with exquisite coffee blends and single-origin. The Seattle-based brand has cafes in Portland, Chicago, and soon Miami.

Caffe Umbria - Multiple locations

Seasonal coffees are named after song lyrics from Phish to Bob Marley, and coffee divided into three different genres ambient, mainstream and experimental.

Passion House Coffee Roasters - Chicago, IL

has 30 cafes across the country. They are known for innovative canned coffee drinks like the Nitro Cold Brew Lemonade and the Oatmilk Draft Latte.

La Colombe - Multiple locations

Common Room Roasters offers a seasonal menu of Australian-style craft coffee drinks along with delicious breakfast and lunch bites.

Common Room Roasters - Newport Beach, CA

The sign at the door of Calvin Fletcher's says "All Are Welcome Here," and that inclusive ethos has defined the company since they opened.

Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company - Indianapolis, IN

French Truck Colombian and Brazilian Coffee makes the smoothest cold brew in town, which is the shaken martini-style with crushed ice and cream-on-top milk.

French Truck Coffee - Multiple locations

Loyal Coffee roast their beans downstairs at the Ivywild School, and they offer a encouraging guests to visit a number of other locally owned coffee shops.

Loyal Coffee - Colorado Springs, CO

Sustainability is the team that personally visit the mills and farms to verify the sustainability of the economic and physical conditions at the origin.

One Line Coffee - Columbus, OH

The Black Star cold brew at Rising Star Coffee Roasters packs a serious punch, and the cardamom bomb latte is a signature here too.

Rising Star Coffee Roasters - Ohio

Sightclass uses single-origin coffees and blends thoughtfully sourced from Mexico, Honduras, Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Papua New Guinea and Guatemala.

Sightglass Coffee - California

Which has been obtained from three continents. Best surprise of all? If you are at the right time, they take Theo Chocolate Cake out of the oven fresh every day.

Storyville Coffee Company - Seattle, WA

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