The best street food dishes in the world

The world's best street food often doubles as a history lesson, too. There are recipes that speak volumes about immigrant communities. Others whisper age-old traditions.

 Tacos al pastor from Tacos Manolo in Mexico City

 Dim Sums from South Melbourne Market Dim Sims in Melbourne

 Tamales from street vendors in Chicago

 Cuttlefish skewer from Fei Jie in Hong Kong

Falafel pocket at Pockets in London

 Choripán from Nuestra Parrilla in Buenos Aires

 Tamagoyaki at Tsukiji Shouro Honten in Tokyo

 Tacos dorados de camarones at Mariscos Jalisco in Los Angeles

A deep-fried tortilla filled with shrimp and slabs of avocado and topped with a slathering salsa rosa.

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