World's Most Photographed Ruins

The world is full of terrifyingly beautiful ruins spread over different continents. Here are some of the most photographed ruins in the world that have stood witness to history.

10. Machu Pichu (Peru)

Machu Picchu is 2,430 meters above sea level in the middle of a forest. It is located among the mountains of southern Peru and dates from around the 15th century.

9. The Colosseum (Italy)

Once the Roman Empire’s largest amphitheater is now one of the world’s most majestic ruins that draws hundreds of visitors to Italy every year.

8. Parthenon (Greece)

Built by the Ancient Athenians between 447 and 432 BC, this majestic structure was dedicated to the city’s patron deity Athena.

7. Chichen Itza (Mexico)

6. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

5. Ajanta Caves (India)

4. Roman Baths (England)

3. Bagan Temples (Myanmar)

2. Petra (Jordan)

1. Pyramids Of Giza (Egypt)

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