to do at Legoland Theme Park

LEGOLAND theme park New York is filled with kid-powered, kidtastic rides, shows and attractions geared for families with children.

Anchors Away! A Pirate's life is a merry one, but it's not always smooth sailing! Storms may pick you up, toss you side to side, and spin you right round!

Anchors Away!

A celebration of all the amazing creations you can make with LEGO® bricks – who says a carousel has to have horses?

Brick Party.

The most incredible place to build anything you can think of, and test it to make it even better! Build a car and race it! Stack a skyscraper and shake it!

Build & Test.

Experience the creative possibilities of LEGO® DOTS at LEGOLAND® New York Resort and add your unique design to the gallery wall.

Build Your Art Gallery by LEGO® Dots.

The King seeks Master Builders to fortify the kingdom and furnish his castle! Enter the Builder's Guild and help construct the castle!

Builders Guild.

Coastguard Academy offers young guests the chance to skipper their very own electric-powered boat.

Coast Guard Academy.

DJ's Dizzy Disco Spin from LEGOLAND® New York Resort. Count your rides, rate the attraction and get great statistics about your theme park visits.

DJ's Dizzy Disco Spin.

Children aged 6-13 can take a drive in the City Park, Learn the rules of the road at Driving School & earn your LEGOLAND® Driving license!

Driving School.

Hop aboard the DUPLO® number train for a fun ride with playful learning. No minimum height requirement.

DUPLO® Express.

Legoland New York features a fire safety themed show at the park featuring a to teach children about what to do in a fire in a fun way.

Fire Academy.

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