Things To Do In Arches National Park [2023]

There is one road that travels through Arches National Park and that is Arches Scenic Drive.

Arches Scenic Drive

Park Avenue

This short, easy hike wanders past massive rock formations such as the Three Gossips and the Courthouse Towers.

This is the first viewpoint you will come to as you drive into Arches NP. Again, there are no arches in view but you do get a 360°.

La Sal Mountains Viewpoint

Balanced Rock

This famous rock formation is a must-see. You drive right past it on the main road but it is worth pulling over for a quick visit.

The Windows and Turret Arch

On this short hike, you get to see three very cool arches: North Window, South Window, and Turret Arch.

Double Arch

The best time to do this is at sunrise and early in the morning. Sunset also works, but the time of the year matters. 

The Carriage Roads are a 45-mile long network of paved paths created and funded by John D. Rockefeller Jr. from 1913 to 1940.

Garden of Eden

This is the main attraction in Arches National Park. People from all around the world travel to Arches to see this arch so expect big crowds and a busy trail.

Hike to Delicate Arch

To get a view of Delicate Arch without going on a strenuous hike, visit Upper Delicate Arch Viewpoint.

Upper Delicate Arch Viewpoint

Named for the reddish glow it gets at sunset, the Fiery Furnace is one of the neatest non-arch spots in Arches National Park.

Fiery Furnace

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