10 Things to do in Baixa and Sé

With many restaurants - don't fall into the trap of tourists they'll try to tempt - and many specialty shops and streets to lose yourself in, both Baixa and Sé have a full day to explore.

There are plenty of restaurants to tempt tourists - avoid the ones with pictures of the food on the menu - Tasca Com is one of the best joints in Baixa.

Avoid touristy restaurants

There's nothing like drinking beer from a horn, like it's the Middle Ages. Troubadours, dark Baixa bar with long communal tables, inspired by medieval times.

Go back to the Middle Ages

Win a Ballon d’Or at Ronaldo’s bar

Drink a ginjinha

Watch a football match

Have a cake from this historic bakery

Discover this old cinema turned sexshop

Try the best tiramisu in the city

Walk around Gold Street

Sit next to Fernando Pessoa’s reserved table

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