Top 10 things to do in Chiado

Families, celebrities, tourists, divas, intellectuals or fools: everyone strolls around the most famous and dearest of neighbourhoods. All roads lead to Chiado.

Sculptor Lagoa Henriques’ statue of Fernando Pessoa prompts tourists to take selfies on the poet’s lap next to A Brasileira.

Order a "bica"

This gay is included in our list of most beautiful bars, and is one of the top places in Chiado to finally grab a glass of wine.

Count the 3,267 bottles in one of Lisbon's most beautiful bar

Visit the church that survived the earthquake

Be dazzled by this view - and come back at night

Look for old records

Eat like a king in this palace

Try pastéis de nata fresh out of the oven

Enter this gastronomic "bairro"

Visit the oldest bookstore in the world

Try these croissants

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