Things to do in Georgia in Winter

Travelers from all over the world travel to this part of the world to enjoy their time in Georgia on the black sand beaches and natural landscapes. On the best things to do in Georgia in winter.

The capital city Tbilisi is the largest city in the country of Georgia. This place might not be in the best of forms during winter.

1. Explore the capital

The ancient district of the capital is called Abanotubani and it is well known for the sulphur baths.

2. Abanotubani Sulphur bath

3. Museums in Tbilisi

4. Vardzia – The cave city

5. Gudauri – A ski trip

6. Mount Kazbegi

7. Pump your adrenaline with Heli-skiing

9. The Scenic train journey – Kukushka

10. Volcanic Lake

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