Things To Do In Indiana Dunes National

Paul H. Douglas Trail Trail

Our favorite hike is the Paul H. Douglas Trail in Indiana Dunes National Park. In just one hike, you get to see several different ecosystems.

Spend Some Time on West Beach

West Beach is the most visited beach in Indiana Dunes National Park. 655 vehicles can be kept in the parking lot, so you can get an idea.

Dunes Succession Trail

There are several hiking trails in the West Beach Area and the Dunes Succession Trail (Diana of the Dunes Dare) is the most popular.

Tolleston Dunes

The Tolleston Dunes Trail is located near West Beach. This trail heads through oak savanna, wetlands, and more dunes.

Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk

The Portage Lakefront is another very popular place to visit in Indiana Dunes National Park. However, it is located between a huge steel mill.

Visit the Bailly Homestead

The Bailly Homestead is a National Historic Landmark. Joseph Bailly de Messein was one of the first settlers in the area.

Chellberg Farm

The Chellberg Family were Swedish immigrants who lived and farmed the land here from 1870 through 1910.

Hike the Cowles Bog Trail

Like many hiking trails in Indiana Dunes National Park, this hike takes you through several different ecosystems.

Porter Beach

Porter Beach is a small sliver of beach that is located just to the west of Indiana Dunes State Park.

Dune Ridge Trail

This short trail makes a loop through wetlands and forests dunes. Some parts of the hike are on loose sand so it can be a bit difficult in some places.

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