Things To Do In Ioannina

Have you heard of Ioannina? Chances are you didn't know about this city in northern Greece. Ioannina makes a great base or starting point to explore the gorgeous region of Epirus.

Visit The Island Of The Lake

Monastery Of Philanthropist

Ali Pasha Museum

Cave Of Perama

Ioannina Castle

The walls of Ioannina Castle run through the city's historic district and are easy to see. Dating back to 528 AD, it is the oldest Byzantine fortress in Greece.

Its Kale (Inner Castle)

One of the best places for sunset in Ioannina is Its Kale. Its Kale means inner castle and is located at the top of a hill overlooking the lake.

This was certainly one of the stand-out restaurants that we ate at in Ioannina with a gastronomical extravaganza of modern Greek and Mediterranean dishes paired with wine.

Where To Eat In Ioannina

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Fiery Trippers

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