Things To Do In Kentucky [2023]

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is an activity-packed park in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Dinosaur World

Located near Cave City, Dinosaur World is an outdoor museum of life-sized dinosaurs dotted along wilderness trails in the forest.

The Kentucky State Capitol is the home to the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the state government of Kentucky.

Kentucky State Capitol

Funtown Mountain

Funtown Mountain is a deserted amusement park that was once a popular attraction for visitors to Mammoth Cave.

Red River Gorge

A popular spot for families and adventurers, Red River Gorge is a canyon system on the Red River that lies within Daniel Boone National Forest.

Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate

Ashland is the plantation of the 19th-century Kentucky statesman Henry Clay. Located in the heart of the bluegrass region.

Breaks Interstate Park is a bi-state park that’s split between Virginia and Kentucky in the Jefferson National Forest.

Breaks Interstate Park

The Natural Bridge State Resort Park is a vast parkland on the Middle Fork of the Red River near the Red River Gorge Geologic Area.

Natural Bridge

The Newport Aquarium is a fun family attraction to experience marine life during your trip.

Newport Aquarium

Known as the Ghost Ship, the USS Sachem Ruins is an abandoned former Navy ship that served in both world wars.

USS Sachem Ruins

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