Things To Do In Manhattan

Go To Broadway Play Or Musical

Attending a Broadway show is a must, as many musicals and plays are put on at theaters within or off Times Square. 

Visit A Museum

Manhattan’s museums center on art, history, and other interesting topics.

Head To An Observation Deck

See New York City differently from up above. Presently, Manhattan has five year-round observation decks.

Visit A Park

Made famous in movies and on TV, Central Park is one of Manhattan's top attractions. It is located midway between the Upper East and Upper West Sides.

Explore The Lively Times Square

Times Square is the city's holy grail for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Teeming with wacky street performers.

Catch The Best Show At Madison Square Garden

Aptly nicknamed the "Mecca," Madison Square Garden is a premier entertainment venue in Manhattan's downtown.

Check Out The Opulence Of 5th Avenue 

Also known as Millionaire's Row, 5th Avenue is a prominent street in Manhattan stretching from Washington State Park to West 143rd Street in Harlem.

Marvel At The St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral is an imposing and fantastic sight that leaves many first-timers in awe. 

 9/11 Memorial & Museum

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum is a site of reflection that commemorates a tragic yet important time in America's history. 

Get A Taste Of Chinese Culture In Chinatown

Chinatown is one f the most interesting places in Manhattan as it hosts the largest concentration of Chinese-descent individuals in the Western Hemisphere.

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