Things To Do In Miami This September

Miami Hurricanes Football

After a disappointing first year, coach Mairo Cristobal is back for his second season with the five-time National Champion Miami Hurricanes. 

Miami Marlins Baseball

The Fish will make a push for the wild card this September, and there’ll be plenty of cool stuff besides baseball going on at the ballpark.

Battle Court Jai-Alai

The fastest game on Earth returns to the fronton for its fall season, with celebrity owners Udonis Haselm and Jorge Masvidal fielding two of the league’s five teams. 

Moxy Rooftop Football Barbecue

The great South Florida fall dilemma is choosing between a full day of football or getting out and enjoying the sunshine. 

Soleil Saturdays at Strawberry Moon

One of Miami’s top hotel pools is upping its celebrity DJ game this September with a new pool party called Soleil Saturdays. 

Boyz II Men

The guys who sang the soundtrack to every middle school dance in the 1990s rekindle that nostalgia on the Bleaulive stage.

Bollywood Night

Have you ever seen one of those Bollywood dance numbers and thought “it’d be so cool to see this live.

Laser Evening

As if T-Swift didn't take charge enough in 2023, this month she officially joined Frost Science's musical.

MindTravel at the Frost Planetarium

MindTravel, the same people who pump piano music into swimming pools and encourage you to meditate underwater.

Biscayne Poet Hispanic Heritage Month Edition

Habitat’s monthly spoken word night will add a special Hispanic Heritage Month twist.

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