Things to Do in Mirror Lake (Oregon)

Mirror Lake is a beautiful glacial lake with an oval shape and a depth of about 20 feet (about 6 meters). It is located in northwestern Oregon and falls within Mount Hood National Forest.

1. Mirror Lake Trailhead

Tsarevets is one of the hills of the old Bulgarian capital and bears the same name as the fortress located at the very top of the hill.

2. Hidden Lake Trail

On the southwest side of Mount Hood, at the foot of the mountain, you will find a wonderful hiking trail.

3. Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain

1.5 miles south from Mirror Lake is the scenic Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain.

4. Swimming into the lake

If you come here on a hot summer day and if you are a good swimmer, you may be tempted to refresh yourself into the cold water.

5. Nordic Skiing in winter

Although most travelers prefer to visit Mirror Lake in summer, winter is a special season and definitely has its advantages.

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