Things To Do in Rocky Mountain Park

Wildlife Viewing

There are plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities in the park as many wildlife call the park their home. ranging from high alpine tundra throughout the park.

Drive the Trail Ridge Road

Inevitably, if you’re visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, you should at least drive to the top of Trail Ridge Road no matter which side you start on.

Take a Hike

Rocky Mountain National Park encompasses over 350 miles of trails, so there is no shortage of hiking to be had.

Alpine Visitor Center

Learn about the variety of ecosystems Rocky Mountain National Park is home to in the Alpine Visitor Center.

Wild Flowers in Spring and Summer

As winter snows melt, wildflowers start to bloom. At lower elevations, meadows of wildflowers begin to bloom first.

Snowshoeing or Cross-Country Skiing

Rocky Mountain National Park is open throughout the winter with designated trails open to snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Colorado River Headwaters Trail

The Colorado River is a mighty river that carved out the Grand Canyon and many other canyons along the way.

Wilderness camping/backpacking

With 350 miles of trails, there are backpacking and wilderness camping opportunities in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Continental Divide

Located west of the Alpine Visitor Center along the Trail Ridge Road is Milner Pass.


Fishing, especially fly fishing, is something that many Coloradoans love to do. Rocky Mountain National Park contains many small lakes and rivers.

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