Things To Do in Santa Monica

I'm a big fan of quick, lightning vacations to blow off steam and do some exploring. I live in San Francisco and love to relax on the beach, ride a bike on the boardwalk

 Santa Monica Pier: The Santa Monica Pier Is, Of Course, The Main Attraction Of Santa Monica. I Suggest Getting There Earlier To Explore It Without Being Overcrowded 

 Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Beach has an endless beach filled with volleyball courts and viewpoints. carry an umbrella, drinks and snacks and even a volleyball

 The Beach

Bike the Boardwalk

Visit Venice Beach

Have Beers On A Patio

Grab Lunch at Blue Daisy Cafe

Shop Abbot Kenny or the Third Street Promenade

Brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter

Go Bar Hoping

Venture Into West Hollywood

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