Things to Do in St. Louis

Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is St Louis' iconic monument, built in the early 1960s to honour the frontiersmen who went westward and discovered the Great Plains and beyond.

Forest Park

Forest Park is an excellent escape from the bustling city life, situated 20-minutes west of downtown St. Louis.

City Museum

Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium is home to the 11-time World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals. Make sure to enter through the third-base entrance.

Soulard Farmer’s Market

The Soulard Farmer’s Market has been an important community trading centre of St. Louis since 1779.

Visit St. Louis’ free museums

St. Louis’ free museums allow you to explore the legacy of the city without spending a single dollar. There are more than 10 museums.

Delmar Loop

The Delmar Loop offers a wide range of stores, eateries, cafés, galleries, and live music venues. Located in the Parkview neighbourhood.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery

The historic Anheuser-Busch Brewery is the original and largest brewery of the iconic American brewer.

Eat St. Louis-style barbecue

Pitmasters and BBQ enthusiasts adore the unique sauce St. Louis-style barbecue produces – sweet, sticky, and full of flavour.

Experience the city’s famous blues scene

St. Louis is a modern hub for live music, with roots germinating from the city's famous blues scene eruption in the '50s.

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