Things To Do In St Pierre & Miquelon

There is plenty to do in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, whether your interests include exploring the outdoors or learning about the local culture.

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Take A Walking Tour Of The City 

Check Out The Shops In Town

Visit Musee De L’Arche

See The Town From Above

Go On A Boat Tour With Les Zigotos 

Enjoy The Nightlife In Saint Pierre

Go Whale Watching In Saint Pierre

Go Hiking With Escapade Insulaire

Escapade Insulaire offers hiking tours of the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Islands. Hike Lead Hills

Take A Day Trip To L’ile Aux Marins

Grab some wine, cheese and a baguette and have a picnic on the Isle aux Marins or Marin Island, an uninhabited picturesque island

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