Best things to do in Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park is in the southwest corner of South Dakota. It is known for the vast, subterranean Wind Cave, which houses chambers such as the Post Office and the Elks Room.

1. Go on a Cave Tour

Arguably the number one thing to do in Wind Cave National Park, at least when looking solely at the percentage of visitors who do this.

2. Visit the Natural Entrance

If you don’t take the Natural Entrance Tour, you can still see one of the cave’s natural entrances.

3. Enjoy Iconic Great Plains Scenery On The Prairie Vista Trail

4. Walk the Elk Mountain Trail

5. Hike the Rankin Ridge Trail

6. See America’s National Mammal at Bison Flats

7. Drive the Scenic NPS 5 and 6 Backcountry Roads

8. Spot Some Of Wind Cave National Park’s 100+ Bird Species

9. Listen To The Bugling Of Bull Elk

10. Observe Prairie Dogs In Their “Towns”

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