Things To Know About Burlington

Vermont's Union Station Is Unstaffed

It may not be the best Amtrak station in the country but Union Station is a great way for Vermonters to explore their state, New York State.

Green Mountain Transit

Commuters from in and around Burlington will be pleased to know that the Green Mountain Transit (GMT) has various buses connecting to the Union Station.

Union Station In Burlington

AMTRAK trains also have a series of additional features to keep passengers happy on their long journey

Amtrak Union Station

Amtrak Union Station has no passenger assistance, the station does not have any checked baggage service. However, this means less time waiting around.

A New Amtrak Platform

The authorities had an interest in extending the Ethan Allen Express to Burlington.

Vermont Commuters To New York

Burlington's Union Station and ends at New York's Moynihan Train Hall.

A Trip To New York City

The only NYC stop of the Ethan Allen Express is the final stop, that being Moynihan Train Hall in New York, New York.

Quaint Rutland City

 Rutland, a tiny but beautiful city in central Vermont, and the fourth stop on the Ethan Ellen Allen Express is arguably.

Consider Other Stops In New York

New York state, aside from Moynihan Town Hall, notable stops that tourists may want to spend time at include Yonkers and Rensselaer.

Ethan Allen Statue in Vermont

The Ethan Allen Express is named after the American Revolutionary War patriot and politician of the same name.

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