Things you didn't know to Hagia Sophia

Once the largest cathedral in the world, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, the dynamic structure has stood at the edge of the Bosporus Strait for more than 1500 years.

The Church was Twice Destroyed by Riots. | Hagia Sophia

The Church has Gone by Several Names

The Original Dome was Replaced After an Earthquake in 558 CE. | Hagia Sophia

One of the Seven Ancient Wonders was used in the Church’s Construction

Believers say the ‘Weeping Column’ has Healing Powers. | Hagia Sophia

The Original Byzantine Mosaics were never Completely Destroyed by the Ottomans

Hagia Sophia’s Dome Isn’t Completely Round

The Hagia Sophia was Decaying When Sultan Mehmat Arrived in 1453. | Hagia Sophia

A 90-Year-Old, Blind Venetian Once Captured Hagia Sophia

The Whole Structure Took a Surprisingly Short time to Be Complete Construction | Hagia Sophia

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