Tips For Visiting The Panama Canal

Pick the Right Season

The best time to visit the Panama Canal is from November through April. November marks the end of Panama’s rainy season.

Understand the Geography

Cutting through the Isthmus of Panama, the Panama Canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, creating an essential shortcut for ships. 

Know Your Canal Jargon

Being able to fit through the Panama Canal is so important that engineers design ships specifically.

Immerse Yourself in Canal History

Learning the fascinating history of the Panama Canal enriches your visit. France began construction on a canal in Panama in 1881.

Be Panama Ready

Remember that it is summer in Panama. A hat, refillable water bottle, long sleeves, light top and sunburn protection.

Tour the Miraflores Visitor Center

The big draw at the Miraflores Visitor Center is watching a ship transit the mighty Miraflores Lock. 

Explore the Rainforest Canopy

Workers cut and dug through the country’s thick rainforest to build the Panama Canal.

Boat & Kayak Gatun Lake

By sailing or kayaking among the giant container ships on Gatun Lake, you not only enjoy but also discover.

Discover the Early Forts in San Lorenzo and Portobelo

Centuries before the Panama Canal was built, the region served as an important trade area. 

Learn About Natural History at the Biomuseum

While Panama’s Pacific coast may seem like a world away from the Caribbean, it’s actually very close.

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