Top 10 wine producing states in the US

California produces most of the liquor going out of the US, the world population review has calculated 10 states producing liquor in the US, and some surprises in the list.

According to Forbes, the US ranks fourth in terms of wine producing countries across the world, following Spain, France and Italy coming in first place.

Most wine lovers will be less than surprised to hear that California produces the majority of wine coming out of the US, but which other states rank in the top 10?

1. California (84.4%)

2. Washington (5.1%)

3. New York (3.5%)

4. Pennsylvania (1.5%)

5. Oregon (1.5%)

6. Ohio (0.7%)

7. Michigan (0.3%)

8. Kentucky (0.3%)

9. Vermont (0.3%)

10. Virginia (0.3%)

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