Top 9 Places To Visit In La Plata

Will cover the top 9 places to visit in La Plata and make sure you add these places to your itinerary to experience the best of La Plata in Argentina.

This museum is regarded as one of the best natural history museums in the world.

1. Museo de La Plata

Catedral de La Plata is huge and beautifully constructed. In addition, reach the church’s tower and have a brilliant 360-degree view of the city.

2. Catedral de La Plata

3. La República de los Niños

4. Paseo del Bosque

5. Teatro Argentino de La Plata

6. Hang Gliding Center

7. Centro Cultural Islas Malvinas

8. Feria Artesanal de Plaza Italia

9. Government Buildings

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