Top Baltimore Attractions

National Aquarium

The National Aquarium is one of the best Baltimore attractions for families. 20,000 species on display, Amazon forest, Atlantic coral reef.

Maryland Science Center

Education, fun, excitement and fascination can all be experienced when you visit the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore.

Maryland Zoo

The 745-acre Maryland Zoo is one of the exciting places to go in Baltimore with or without children.

Six Flags America

For heart-pounding thrills, one of the best things to do in Baltimore is visit Six Flags America. The easiest way to reach this amusement park is by train.

Top of the World Observation

Another of the Baltimore attractions that provide exemptional thrills is the Top of the World Observation Deck.

Maryland Brewery Tours

Have you ever wondered how beer gets from malt, yeast, hops and water into your glass? do you want to know.

Maryland Historical Society

Few places in Baltimore can more vividly showcase the state's history and culture than the Maryland Historical Society.

Baltimore Museum of Art

Baltimore takes art very seriously, which is why one of the best places to visit in Baltimore is the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Fort McHenry

One of the historical Baltimore attractions that will make you stand just a bit straighter is Fort McHenry.

The Walters Art Museum

A must-see in Baltimore is the Walter Art Museum with its collection of 36,000 items spanning from 5,000 BC to the current era.

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