Top Places to Travel Alone in the U.S.

1. The Florida Keys

Traveling to the Florida Keys is a breeze for people going it alone. The laid-back atmosphere means you can pack mere flip-flops, a swimsuit, shorts, and a Tshirt and be on your way

2. The Outer Banks, North Carolina

While the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a popular family vacation destination, it is also a delightful and safe place to visit for solo travelers.

3. Door County, Wisconsin

You might be traveling alone, but once you arrive at Door County, Wisconsin, you'll feel as if you've known the locals your whole life.

4. San Diego, California

A solo trip to San Diego is rejuvenating. With a consistent climate throughout the year there's never really a bad time to go.

5. Grand County, Colorado

Little beats the fun of mixing with the locals in Grand County, Colorado. Being alone makes it even easier to break into an interesting conversation with these friendly folks.

6. Washington, D.C.

With more than 17 Smithsonian museums, galleries, the National Zoo, and a host of other tourist sites to visit, Washington, D.C. is an exciting city to see at your own pace.

7. Nashville, Tennessee

The Music Capital of the World," Nashville is the ultimate place to visit if you're single and a fan of Southern draws and good breaky music. 

8. Portland, Oregon

In a city of "makers" with a laid-back vibe, Portland, Oregon is one of the most welcoming communities in the United States for people traveling alone.

9. Moab, Utah

In need of some fresh air and visual inspiration for your solo vacation? Few places can scratch that itch like Moab, Utah, where the outdoors is the centerpiece of attention.

10. New York City

You might not immediately think of New York City when planning a solo trip, but the city of blinding lights is a great place to visit alone.


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