Tourist Attractions in Graz

Austria's second largest city, Graz is located on the Mur River and has long been a popular stop for tourists. List the best places to visit in Graz in this list of the city's top tourist attractions.

Atop a hill just three kilometers west of Graz's city center stands Schloss Eggenberg.

Schloss Eggenberg

Endowed by Archduke Johann in 1811, the Natural History Museum – also a part of the larger Universal Museum Joanneum group of city-owned cultural institutions.

The Natural History Museum

Graz Stadt Park, at the eastern end of the Operating with its modern Opera House, was laid out in 1869 on the site of the city's old fortification.

The Municipal Park and Botanical Gardens

Austrian Open-Air Museum Stuebing

Voitsberg and Lipizzaner Stud Farm

Schlossberg and the Clock Tower

The Styrian Armoury

The Landhaus and Courtyard

Graz Art Museum

Murinsel (Mur Island)


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