10 Top Tourist Attractions in Reykjavik

Reykjavik has the distinction of being the northernmost capital city in the world. It is a popular tourist destination where travelers from all over the world come to enjoy life in the cold country.

Visitors can learn more about the Norsemen, not the most peaceful of warriors, and their impact on Icelandic history at the Saga Museum.

10. Saga Museum

Iceland today may be a country of peaceful people, though its environment isn’t that way. The country is one of the most active ones when it comes to volcanoes.

9. Volcano House

8. Laugavegur

7. Arbaer Open Air Museum

6. Harpa

5. Perlan

4. Settlement Exhibition

3. National Museum of Iceland

2. Solfar Sculpture

1. Hallgrimskirkja

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