Trail Running Spots In Native American

Navajo Nation

This vast territory offers stunning red rock landscapes and trails that wind through canyons and mesas, providing a unique and challenging trail running experience.

Blackfeet Nation

Explore the trails in and around the Glacier National Park area, offering breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, and diverse ecosystems.

Eastern Cherokee Reservation

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park borders this territory, providing trail runners with a range of scenic.

Havasupai Reservation

Known for its turquoise waterfalls and stunning canyons, this area offers unique trail running experiences amidst the desert landscape.

Mescalero Apache Reservation 

Trails in the Lincoln National Forest provide a mix of alpine forests, meadows, and rugged terrain for trail runners to explore.

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

The area along the Missouri River offers scenic trails and rolling prairies, allowing runners to connect with the vast landscape.

Osage Nation

Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, located within the Osage Nation, features open grasslands and diverse wildlife, providing a unique trail running experience.

Yurok Reservation

The Redwood National and State Parks area offers trails that wind through towering redwoods, providing a tranquil and enchanting setting for trail runners.

Jicarilla Apache Reservation

The Carson National Forest bordering this territory offers a range of trails through high alpine meadows and forests.

Puyallup Tribe Reservation

Explore the trails around Mount Rainier National Park, with options that take you through old-growth forests and to stunning alpine vistas.

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