Underrated Places To Visit In Ireland

Bull Rock

Chances are you've heard of Dursey Island in Cork.Dursey Island is situated at the south-western tip of the spectacular Berra Peninsula in the even more powerful area of West Cork.

The Serpents Lair

Although it is often referred to as the 'Serpent's Lair' and the 'Wormhole', the actual name of our next location is 'Pol na Beipist'. It is located on Inis Mór.

McDermott’s Castle

You'll find one of Ireland's most unique castles on beautiful Lough Key in Roscommon, not far from the small town of Boyle.

Doon Fort

The wonderfully unique Doon Fort in Donegal is a Western Stone Fort at the centre of Loughadoon, near Narin and Portnoo.

The Caves of Keash

People claim a past such as the caves of Kish in County Sligo. The caves here form an ancient passage grave group believed to be.

The Croaghaun Cliffs

A lot of people mistake the Slieve League Cliffs in Donegal as the highest sea cliffs in Ireland. The cliffs at Slieve League are the highest cliffs on the island of Ireland.

Dunmore Cave

Dunmore Cave is another of the more unique places to visit in Ireland and you’ll find it tucked away in Kilkenny.Some of the earliest mentions of this place date back to the 9th.

 Largy Waterfall

Now, although you’ll see Largy Waterfall appear in many guides to the best places to visit in Ireland, few of them provide the necessary warnings.

Ballaghbeama Gap

People often make the mistake of believing that the best drive in Kerry is the Ring of Kerry driving route. It's a great drive, don't get me wrong.

The Marble Arch Caves

You’ll find the Marble Arch Caves in Fermanagh, in a borderless Park (the Marble Arch Geopark) which is located within both counties Cavan and Fermanagh.

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