Viking Nile River Cruise Best Experience

The Great Pyramid

Viking’s Nile River cruise program starts with three nights at a luxury hotel in Cairo. You begin your immersive journey in Egypt’s capital.

The Great Sphinx On Camelback

Viking covers the fee for a short camel ride and photo opportunity during your visit to the Great Pyramid site.

Valley Of The Kings

The Viking Osiris Nile River cruise itinerary visits Luxor for some of the most-anticipated days of adventure. 

King Tut’s Famous Burial Site

While in Luxor, you also will be able to visit King Tut’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

The Grand Temples Of Karnak And Luxor

These two historic sites are nearby, and cruisers get to visit them both during Viking’s time in Luxor. 

Abu Simbel And Other Incredible Temples

While the temples of Karnak and Luxor are notorious as two of Egypt’s most famous temples.

The Nile River

The best thing about traveling right through the heart of Egypt on your Nile River cruise is that you get to see the landscape and scenery from a different perspective.

The Egyptian Museum

In Cairo, Viking includes a tour of the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. This is where you can see tens of thousands of pieces from the times of the ancient pharaohs.

Bustling Markets

Il Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan ed Essaan offrono tutti l'opportunità di visitare mercati piccoli e grandi.

Aswan Dam

Viking trascorri due giorni ad Assuan e questa è la tua occasione per conoscere il progetto dell'Alta Diga.

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