Whale-Watching Destinations In The USA

Glacier Bay, Alaska

On a clear day, the waters around Glacier Bay are practically awash with all the activity below the surface.

Juneau, Alaska

Alaska's capital city may be cold and frozen for most of the year, but it really warmly welcomes visiting whales from April through November.

Monterey Bay, California

Wherever you go to Monterey Bay, you will find whales in abundance. There are many whale-watching trips and tours available throughout the year.

San Juan Islands, Washington

When the largest island in the San Juan Island chain is named "Orcas Island," you know you've found an incredible breeding ground for orca whales.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Summer in Maine has never been more fun! Daily whale-watching expeditions are leaving from Bar Harbor, ME.

Cape May, New Jersey

Similar to Long Island, New York, the nutrient and food-rich waters of Delaware Bay attract large numbers of whales year-round off the coast of Cape May, NJ.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Did you know that the World Wildlife Fund has designated Massachusetts as one of the top 10 whale-watching spots in the entire world.

Maui, Hawaii

While humpbacks are not the only inhabitants of the waters around Maui, more than 20 species of whales have been sighted.

Long Island, New York

The nutrient-dense and food-rich waters around Long Island make it a magnet for all types of whales and other marine life.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

The prime time to see whales off of Virginia’s coast would be December to March, so bundle up! Fin whales, the second largest mammals in the entire world.

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