What can you buy while traveling in Washington DC?

Anthony Dihle is a local artist who creates and designs prints representing the culture of Washington and America.

Neighborhood Prints

The famous Air and Space Museum makes these cool Albert Einstein bobblehead. It is a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike, as nobody can hate a good bobblehead!

Einstein Bobbleheads

Beer is one of the biggest attractions in Washington DC. The craft beer that is booming in and around the neighborhood is extremely appealing to everyone.

DC Brau Memorabilia

Each year the White House Historical Association allows an ornament to be commissioned to honor the president. You should take a look at these.

White House Christmas Ornaments

"taxation without representation". It basically alludes to the fact that none of the politically significant positions really reflect DC's true culture.

Taxation Without Representation Stickers

Yes, you heard it right, you should use some money to buy more money. This is a unique souvenir that can be brought from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Currency Sheets

FBI T-shirts sold by thrift shops are one of the most sought after items by tourists. They are sold by vendors on sidewalks and come in most sizes.

The FBI T-shirts

This place sells DC themed ornaments and decorations for Christmas. It can be a great souvenir to gift people, as it is useful, beautiful and lightweight.

The Pentagon City Mall

Peanuts are an American pride, and even more so in places like Georgia. Most grocery stores or other Whole Foods will be selling them.

Virginia Peanuts

These are bookends that have been designed to transform and look like windows from the architecture of the 1700s. You can use it as a decoration on your book stand for table.

Palladian Book Ends

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