Whitewater Kayaking in West Virginia

New River Gorge

This iconic river offers a variety of whitewater experiences, from beginner-friendly Class II sections to challenging Class V rapids.

Gauley River

Known for its intense rapids and limited release season, the Gauley River is a favorite among experienced kayakers.

Cheat River Canyon

With its scenic beauty and diverse rapids, Cheat River provides an enjoyable kayaking experience for different skill levels.

Tygart River

The Tygart River is ideal for paddlers looking for a mix of milder rapids and serene stretches. The Middle Fork section is particularly popular for kayaking.

Shavers Fork of the Cheat River

This river offers Class III and IV rapids, making it a great spot for intermediate and advanced kayakers.

Meadow River

 The upper sections of the Meadow River provide thrilling Class IV rapids and beautiful scenery. It's a hidden gem for those seeking an adventurous kayaking experience.

Big Sandy Creek

With its technical Class IV and V rapids, Big Sandy Creek is for expert kayakers looking for a true challenge.

Greenbrier River

While not as intense as some other options, the Greenbrier River offers a more relaxed kayaking experience.

Little Kanawha Rive

This river features a mix of calm stretches and small rapids, making it suitable for paddlers of various skill levels.

Elk River

With both calm sections and Class III rapids, the Elk River provides a balanced kayaking experience.

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