Wizarding World of Harry Potter Tips Hollywood

As any 90’s kid can attest, Harry Potter was a pivotal experience in our childhood. I waited in line to bookstores at midnight to grab the latest novel, then stayed up until sunrise reading.

The line to get in can get crazy long as the day goes on, so you’ll want to beat the line. Inside the shop

Stop by Ollivanders Wand Shop

After the show, you can wander the wand shop and look at all the character wands, which is really fun! Of course, all wands are for sale.

Interactive Wands Are Marked With Gold

Look For Gold Medallions On The Ground In Front Of Shop Windows

Take The Single Riders Line

Use The Child Swap Room Rule Even If You Don’t Have Kids

Try Butter Beer with Fire Whiskey

Kwiki Mart Has Cheapest Water

Use The Drinking Fountains To Fill Up Your Waterbottle

Arrive Early (Duh)

Weekdays are best to visit for lack of crowds (duh)

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