world's most visited tourist attractions

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The world's oldest and largest covered market is located in the heart of Istanbul! The popular and historic Grand Bazaar attracts buyers.

2. The Zócalo, Mexico City

The Zócalo is the common name of the main square in central Mexico City. Prior to the colonial period, it was the main ceremonial center in the Aztec city.

3. Times Square, New York City

Times Square is a section of Manhattan, New York City. It is a major center for tourism, show business and commerce.

4. Central Park, New York City

Central Park is an urban park in New York City, between the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan.

5. Union Station, Washington, D.C.

6. Las Vegas Strip

7. Meiji Jingu Shrine, Tokyo

8. Sensoji Temple, Tokyo

9. Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario

10. Grand Central Terminal, New York City

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