TSA Saw The Highest Number Of Passengers Since The Outbreak Began, Ahead Of Thanksgiving,

TSA saw the highest number of passengers since the outbreak began: On Friday, more than 2.24 million people travelled through US airports, the highest number of passengers the Transportation Security Administration has checked in a single day since the coronavirus pandemic began.

According to TSA data, more than 8.5 million passengers flew from Thursday to Sunday, including four consecutive days with more than 2 million passengers each. The new high comes ahead of the Thanksgiving weekend, when more than 4 million people are scheduled to fly, with key factors determining that overall travel numbers will be within 5% of what they were last year.

“What will the @TSA checkpoints be like this Thanksgiving week? A large number of travellers, similar to pre-pandemic days, “The TSA’s spokeswoman, Lisa Farbstein, tweeted on Monday. “Do you recall how you felt at the time? Crowded! Bottom line: Arrive early, bring patience, wear a mask, and don’t bring any forbidden goods with you!”

The last time the TSA screened this many travellers in one day was on Feb. 28, 2020, when more than 2.35 million travellers passed through the country’s airports.

The number of individuals travelling is also much higher than it was this time last year when passenger numbers peaked at slightly over a million. However, it is less than the 2.5 million individuals who flew via US airports on November 19, 2019.

Other holidays this year witnessed significant increases in airport traffic, including the Fourth of July, which saw over 10 million passengers, and the Labor Day holiday weekend, which saw just over 9.2 million.

The TSA advises travellers planning to travel for Thanksgiving Day to arrive early at the airport and pack smartly (including understanding which Thanksgiving meals you can and can’t bring in a piece of carry-on luggage).

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