Every Major U.S. Airline’s Face Mask Policy In Detail


U.S. Airline’s Face Mask Policy: All airline passengers in the United States are required by law to wear a face mask in airports and onboard. Face masks are required for passengers aged two and up on major US airlines, while passengers are permitted to lower their coverings when eating or drinking on board.

While there are some similarities in the policies of the airlines about face masks, the specifics are not exactly the same. Here’s what you need to know about the face mask policies of any major U.S. airline, as well as our suggestions for the best masks to wear while traveling.

U.S. Airline’s Face Mask Policy
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5 Travel-Friendly Face Masks

1. Fabric/Cloth Face Masks
2. Surgical Face Masks
3. N95 Face Masks
4. Awesome Face Masks With Valves
5. NxSTOP Travleisure Face Mask


United Airlines

All passengers aged two and up must wear a face mask with no vents or gaps, according to United Airlines. United’s policy says that any passenger wearing a face shield must also wear an appropriate face mask on board.

Delta Airlines

Delta, like United, bans the use of bandanas or scarves as face masks. All passengers must wear a disposable or fabric face mask with no valves, slits, or gaps, according to the airline. Delta’s mask policy requires travelers to wear at least two layers of gaiters.

Southwest Airlines

Passengers on Southwest Airlines are required to wear a disposable mask or a cloth face covering at least two layers of tightly woven breathable fabric. Gaiters are allowed as long as they have two layers of cloth, cover the nose and mouth, and are sealed under the chin.

American Airlines

Onboard American Airlines, all passengers must wear a face mask with no vents or exhalation valves. Face coverings such as gaiters, scarves, and bandanas are not permitted on American Airlines.


JetBlue allows passengers to wear a face mask on board that has no exhalation valves or vents. Personal tents, personal air purifiers, and face masks with battery-operated filters are also prohibited by the airline.

Hawaiian Airlines

Masks that cover both the nose and mouth are needed by Hawaiian Airlines. Gaiters and cloth masks with at least two layers of fabric are appropriate as long as they don’t have valves or vents, according to the airline. Scarves and bandanas are strictly prohibited by Hawaiian’s face mask policy.

Alaska Airlines

Passengers on Alaska Airlines must wear a face mask with no direct exhaust valves. The airline’s regulation, which took effect in May, allows for the use of disposable surgical masks and cloth masks.

Allegiant Air

Allegiant does not accept gaiters as part of its face mask rule, unlike Delta and Southwest. Face masks must be made of durable material, completely cover the nose and mouth, and have no exhalation valves, according to Allegiant.

Frontier Airlines

Passengers must wear a face mask that fits snugly over their mouth and nose and is sealed under their chin while flying with Frontier Airlines. Triangle bandanas and face masks with valves or vents are prohibited by the airline. It also warns passengers that breaking the airline’s face mask rules could result in them being kicked off the plane.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, like Frontier, does not allow passengers to wear triangular bandanas or face masks with valves or vents on board. According to Spirit’s policy, passengers who want to wear a face shield must also wear a face mask that completely covers their nose and mouth.


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