11 Best Travel Yoga Mats

Are you looking for yoga mats for your upcoming trip? If you have no idea what and how to choose, this article can help you in finding the best travel yoga mats.

Even though travelling might be stressful, using one of these top portable yoga mats will help you rapidly unwind once you get there.

You may take a travel yoga mat with you no matter where you go, whether your travels take you to a claustrophobic hotel room, a weekend retreat, or a far-off location.

Using our top yoga paddleboards, perfect your yoga flow while out on the water. If you need a workout solution for your home gym, our top exercise mats have you covered for general land-based exercises.

Things To Consider When Buying Travel Yoga Mats [Buying Guide]

Here are some factors you might want to think about when looking for the best travel yoga mats.

  • Weight: The weight of your yoga travel mat is the primary factor in determining how frequently you’ll really pack it. Check the weight of each mat before packing; the lighter the better because overweight luggage penalties are so exorbitant. Packing is an art. Almost every mat on this list weighs little more than two pounds. Some people like a bit of additional weight and thickness for comfort (like Liforme mats).
  • Foldable Travel Yoga Mats: How compactly does the portable yoga mat fold? I consider foldability to be the most crucial component for conserving precious luggage space.
  • Stickiness: This mat is sticky? Does it provide enough traction to prevent you from slipping about when performing the Goddess pose? Or will you be bothered by the non-grip texture when you’re lounging in a supine position? You could choose a smoother mat, such as the Mikkoa mat on this list if you’re sensitive to textures (a little bit like the Princess and the Pea). Do you partake in heated yoga? A sticky mat, such as a Manduka or YOGO, is necessary when the inevitable perspiration starts to pour.
  • Sustainability: Yoga is a way of life, not just a practice. Ahimsa, or living a non-harming lifestyle, is one of the philosophy’s core tenets. When buying a yoga mat, be careful and take sustainability into account. Is it constructed from environmentally friendly materials? Does the business support environmental causes? For each mat bought, like this one made of jade, a tree is planted.
  • Style: This last one would appear to be less significant, but is it? Your yoga practice is unique to you and serves as a vehicle for expression. Do you like a mat with a calming tone or one with a vibrant pattern that will make you feel energized? You might look for a mat in the color of the chakra you’re focusing on to assist you to remember to pay attention to it.

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Here Are The 11 Best Travel Yoga Mats

After doing a lot of research and considering buyer reviews we have shortlisted some of the best travel yoga mats.

  • PROlite 4.7mm By Manduka
  • GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat By BalanceFrom
  • Ultralight Long Travel Yoga Mat By YOGO
  • Folding Travel Yoga Mat By Gaiam
  • Travel Yoga Mat By June & Juniper
  • PRO Travel Yoga Mat By Manduka
  • Travel Set By Sugarman
  • Harmony Mat By JadeYoga
  • eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat 1.5mm By Manduka
  • Folding Yoga Travel Pilates Mat By Primasole
  • travel yoga mat By Liforme

1. PROlite 4.7mm By Manduka

Yoga instructors and students alike love the Manduka PROlite. The mat is created responsibly in Germany without emitting any hazardous gases, and it comes in nine different hues.

Additionally, it is available in three sizes to fit users of all sizes: regular, long, and long and wide.

Kelly Turner, the vice president of training and experience at YogaSix, gives the mat her seal of approval.

My favorite yoga mat is the Manduka PROlite, she claims. It’s tiny enough for me to carry when I’m walking to a lesson in a city, yet thick enough to protect my delicate knees when practicing on hardwood or tile.

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat -
  • MEDIUM THICKNESS: At 4.7mm in density, comfortably...
  • NON-SLIP: Provides greater stability on any hard...
  • SWEAT RESISTANT: Closed-cell construction blocks...

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2. GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat By BalanceFrom

Consider a foam yoga mat if you frequently transport your mat and prefer more padding.

The BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat is made of high-density foam, is 10 mm thick (the thickest on our list), and weighs only 1.8 pounds (lbs) (0.8 kg).

Fitness instructor Courtney Virden uses the mat frequently and tells Healthline that it has a lot of cushions and offers a terrific non-slip surface. It is very reasonably priced and comes with a strap for carrying.

The mat readily shreds and has a strong, unpleasant smell when it comes, according to several online reviews.

BalanceFrom All Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High...
  • 71" long 24" wide ensures comfort for people of...
  • With double sided non-slip surfaces, BalanceFrom...
  • Exceptional resilience allow you to keep your...

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3. Ultralight Long Travel Yoga Mat By YOGO

This YOGO mat, with its convenient integrated carrying strap, is a contender for the finest portable travel yoga mat. Before going to the gym, studio, or retreat, just roll up the mat and fasten it shut.

Some portable yoga mats may be too small for taller users, but this YOGO mat extends a full six feet, giving you plenty of space to spread out.

The mat may be stored in a backpack or pocketbook and unfolds to about the size of a newspaper when not in use.

Additionally, it is comprised of incredibly durable rubber that is derived from trees and can resist repeated use.

Even with moist hands, the surface provides lots of traction and prevents you from slipping and sliding. The surface is simple to clean by hand or in the shower despite its sticky hold. For each mat purchased, YOGO plants a tree.

Yogo Ultra Folding Yoga Mat (Long and Wide) with...
  • SPACIOUS - extra-wide and long foldable yoga mat...
  • COMPACT - folds up to size of newspaper using tidy...
  • PORTABLE - toss in a purse or backpack, or strap...
  • CLEAN - patented origami folding means top only...

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4. Folding Travel Yoga Mat By Gaiam

This compact yoga mat folds up to just 10 x 12 inches, so talk about packing light. The mat may be conveniently stored and transported in your overnight or carry-on suitcase because of its small size.

However, don’t be fooled by the mat’s little size; when fully extended, it measures 68 inches long by 24 inches wide by two millimeters thick.

The mat’s convenient perforated lines make folding it a snap and can also help you do your favorite yoga poses.

Even when your hands are sweaty, this mat’s extra-sticky surface will provide you with a safe and solid grip.

Check out the companion Gaiam Yoga Studio app, which offers a free trial, if you’re just beginning your yoga practice or could use some more instruction.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Folding Travel Fitness & Exercise...
  • YOGA MAT FOR TRAVEL: This 2mm thick non toxic PVC...
  • FITS IN CARRY-ON BAG: This foldable yoga mat...
  • FOLDING YOGA MAT: Mat folds up nicely, making it...
  • STICKY TEXTURE: Features a sticky texture that...

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5. Travel Yoga Mat By June & Juniper

Even the greatest travel yoga mats don’t have a lot of thickness, but this June & Juniper mat has a knee pad for additional protection on rough terrain.

The mat has nearly six feet in length when fully extended, giving you plenty of space to comfortably stretch out or go through your yoga practice.

This mat is lightweight and portable because it is only as thick as a credit card. For maximum breathability, it is also constructed of absorbent and porous microfiber material.

Additionally, the microfiber dries rapidly and won’t bunch up while being used. On one side of this hand-painted mat, there is a rubber texture, and on the other, microfiber.

The microfiber side is excellent for hot yoga, while the rubber side is wonderful when you’re trying to perfect a difficult position and could need a little extra traction.

This mat is 1.5 millimeters thick and 2.8 pounds in weight. To make things easier for you, it may be machine washed.

June & Juniper Travel Yoga Mat Foldable...
  • The perfect, multi-purpose yoga travel mat: June &...
  • Ultra-thin, breathable & premium material: This...
  • Environmentally friendly: June & Juniper is an...
  • Reversible & beautiful yoga mat design: This yoga...

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6. PRO Travel Yoga Mat By Manduka

This Manduka yoga travel mat is 71 inches long and 2.5 millimeters thick, giving you plenty of space to spread out for postures like a downward-facing dog while also offering lots of padding for your hips, elbows, spine, knees, and other sensitive regions.

The mat is thin enough to roll up and carry with you on the go, yet thick enough to prevent you from detecting harsh floor surfaces.

The non-slip surface of the mat gives you the traction you need to complete even the most difficult positions. The surface resists sweating and discourages the accumulation of moisture (and microorganisms).

This portable yoga mat is made in an environment free of emissions and won’t fade, flake, or peel with time. Additional assurance is offered by a lifetime warranty.

If cost is your primary issue, the Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat is a little more affordable and portable.

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7. Travel Set By Sugarmat

If you’re looking for greater support and joint protection, this eco-friendly yoga mat is a good choice because it’s a little more cushioned than some of the other travel yoga mats on our list. The mat is entirely free of latex and PVC and is printed with water-based inks.

The synthetic suede surface works particularly well for hot yoga, while the reversible rubber base gives you the stability and grip you need for the majority of yoga poses. The grip gets better as the suede becomes damp.

After your workout, you can easily hand-wash or machine-wash the mat. To transport the mat to class, the studio, or on your upcoming trip, a yoga bag is supplied.

Sugarmat Luxurious & Non-Slip 1mm Travel Yoga Mat...
  • Natural reversible rubber base. Ultra-absorbent...
  • High-density cushion, joint protection, unmatched...
  • Eco-friendly packaging and yoga mat strap...
  • Wipe with a clean cloth after a few spritz of the...

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8. Harmony Mat By JadeYoga

Given that it is composed of natural rubber, this thin mat is a fantastic environmentally friendly choice. In addition, JadeYoga partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every product sold.

Anyone who enjoys yoga or needs a stretching mat for their home gym should choose the JadeYoga Harmony Mat, according to Lisa Valente, senior nutrition editor for Healthline.

I was constantly slipping on my old yoga mats, so I eventually decided to switch, says Valente.

I’ve used this yoga mat for over 6 years and have used it to practice yoga at home on carpet, while also biking to studios with it and carrying it about in a sling.

“I even use it in my backyard because it doesn’t skid on any surface. The cushioning is the perfect amount, and I appreciate the long length for when my younger children join me on the mat.

Second Healthline Editor This mat is also beloved by Catherine Conelly. It’s perfectly grippy and a touch less expensive than the perennially well-liked Manduka mats, she claims. It doesn’t wear out quickly, isn’t very big, and is simple to wrap up.

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9. eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat 1.5mm By Manduka

Greenspoon’s preferred travel yoga mat is the Manduka eKO Superlite. She explains, “I take it with me whether I travel to teach a retreat or take the train to a studio.

Conveniently, you can fold it rather than roll it. Additionally, you may place this on top of a studio mat to provide protection.

For those with sensitive knees, Greenspoon notes that this mat isn’t cushiony enough. She also suggests bathing it with tea tree oil to get rid of the smell of natural rubber.

Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Mat for Travel -...
  • eKO SUPERLITE: Manduka’s eKO Superlite Travel...
  • ON THE GO FITNESS: Ideal for yoga, hot yoga,...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Natural texture for superior...
  • SUSTAINABLE: Every EKO mat is made from...

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10. Folding Yoga Travel Pilates Mat By Primasole

The Primasole Pilates Mat is incredibly portable and light. It compactly forms a little rectangle. If you practice hot yoga, you won’t have to be concerned about the smell that is left behind because you can rinse it off with water and let it air dry.

Primasole Folding Yoga Travel Pilates Mat Foldable...
  • 【TRUSTED BRAND 】Primasole is a fitness brand...
  • 【CHOICE OF SEVEN COLORS】 Coordinate with any...
  • 【FOLD and LIGHTWEIGHT】Maximal portability for...
  • 【SECURE AND STABLE】 Embossed surface ensures...

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11. travel yoga mat By Liforme

The finest portable yoga mat for alignment is Liforme; it contains AlignForMe markers to help you better align your hands and feet. The mat has a wonderful grip and a very soft feel.

For regular travelers, the mat might be a little too heavy, however, if the weight and thickness are not an issue, get it. The mat is constructed of organic rubber from trees.

Liforme Travel Yoga Mat – Free Yoga Bag included...
  • TRANSFORM YOUR PRACTICE – Liforme’s portable...
  • ULTIMATE GRIP – This premium mat benefits from...
  • TRULY PLANET FRIENDLY – Liforme incorporates the...

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FAQs For Travel Yoga Mats

There are a lot of questions that come to mind when buying travel yoga mats.. some of the commonly asked questions are answered below.

What is the recommended travel yoga mat?

Here’s the TL;DR on how the best travel yoga mats stack up:

Folding Yogo Ultralight Mat. Travel mat from the Yoga Design Lab. Foldable Mat by Gaiam. Manduka SuperLite eKO.

What thickness of the yoga mat is best?

Yoga Mat Thickness and Weight

Choose a mat that is approximately 1/8-inch thick (or 3.175 mm) if you are unsure of where to begin. This is a very common thickness. These mats are great for anyone who has a vigorous, fluid practice. They permit firm contact with the ground, which enhances stability when doing a number of postures.

How do you carry a yoga mat while traveling?

Pick a narrow, light bag that can accommodate your mat, firmly wrapped, between the straps of your walking stick or tent, which are attached to the exterior of your backpack. Also, attempt to reduce the number of grips, clips, or fastenings on the yoga mat case or bag that might catch on something when your luggage is being transported.

What is the difference between a yoga mat and a travel yoga mat?

In comparison to a standard yoga mat, a travel yoga mat is often thinner and made to be simpler to transport. That will come in handy if you’re carrying it to your studio or packing it for a weekend getaway.

Tell Us In The Comments As Per You Which One Is The Best Travel Yoga Mats?

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