How to Travel Confidently During Your Period?

Are you planning a vacation around the time of your period and want to know how to travel confidently during your period? This article is for you.

Travelling is the best refreshment one can ask for, but is it that time of the month? Lady red sure is unpredictable and can make the vacation an unpleasant experience and be troublesome. Many factors affect your periods in ways one cannot control.

Travelling and stress can also have different hormonal imbalances in the body that may lead to delays or irregular period cycles.

It kills the mood and is inconvenient that one cannot focus on enjoying their much-anticipated vacation. One cannot control the flow but being prepared is the best thing to do before the crimson waves hit hard.

Menstruating is very normal and can happen any time of the month, it is inevitable so with proper planning one can handle it and avoid any embarrassing oops moments.

Many questions race through the mind when one thinks of travelling when the cycle dates don’t match with the schedule of vacation, but one doesn’t have to change the dates according to the cycle because being well equipped can ultimately save the day.

The effect of travelling on our body and hormones

Travelling is a change of surroundings, time-zone, and emotions. We experience a lot of changes in our body too while we travel to different places and regions as it replenishes our spirit.

These experiences incur a variety of changes in emotions and hormones and it is associated with specific glands in the body. The glands responsible for releasing hormones related to “menstruation” are the hypothalamus and pituitary gland and the hormones which control the periods are “melatonin” and “cortisol”, such hormones have a clear-cut relation to the menstrual cycle and stress so it is normal not to have them while we travel.

Changes in diet or lack of sleep may make it irregular and the flow can be crazy high or low, it can last for a shorter or longer time too because the changes cause a lot of new emotions to build up and create an imbalance.

The different scenarios escalate in the brain and a person starts freaking out before it even knocks at the door.

So being calm is the first step one should take, breathe and make a list of dos and don’ts while on your period.

Do not panic if you missed a period because changes in emotions can delay it for a few days, so it’s pretty okay not to find “Lady Flo” nearby.

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What Should you carry while you travel on your period?

Along with the luggage, it is important to pack basic needed supplies for your period as you never know when the shark attacks!

1. Packing an emergency kit

The emergency kit needs to be packed with carry-on luggage so that you can take easy bathroom breaks when you need them. The things essential to pack and be prepared are:

  • Take an extra set of underwear and period panties with you just in case because you never know when the flow acts crazy. Choosing aisle seats is a better option as the bathroom breaks will not cause discomfort to someone else.
  • Always make sure to have toilet paper rolls and wet wipes with you so that you can feel fresh even on long trek sessions, long flights, or just a hike anywhere around the world. These will keep your hygiene in check and will help you clean intimate areas even in places where there is no bathroom available nearby.
  • Disposal of waste can be a hassle for many so carrying leak-proof disposable bags is very important. This will enable you to dispose of it when you spot a suitable place or a bin around.
  • Choose the brands which you regularly use and get enough of the supplies so that it comes in handy when you have no access to any store. Pads, tampons, and panty liners should be packed in adequate quantities to avoid embarrassing situations.
  • The emergency kit must have a menstrual cup as they are eco-friendly, cheaper, and can hold for a long time. If you have never used one, it’s still okay to try it out first at home and then be confident about using it somewhere else.
  • Last will be the pain reliever medications which are a godsend when in situations like these. The pain becomes unbearable sometimes when away from sweet home and it adds up to the already ruined day, so popping one at prescribed intervals will help with the pain and make the day less problematic.

2. Packing the luggage and needed supplies

  • Prepare for the worst-case scenarios and pack your luggage accordingly (keeping the luggage lighter is recommended). Pack some comfy clothes and breathable materials so that your skin rashes stay at bay. Choose loose-fitting clothes rather than tight ones because then it is going to be a very uncomfortable trip.
  • Along with the emergency kit, pack extras of everything needed for your daily flow and hygiene.
  • Carry a heating pad or heat pack with you that provide better pain handling and comfort when relaxing. It helps calm the nerves and stomach cramps.
  • Do not forget your prescribed medications and any birth control pills that you take because it is very important to look after your health while on vacation to avoid added complications.
  • Carry some of your favourite snacks which help lighten the mood and wipe off that frown (chocolates are the first choice, isn’t it?)

3. Using a menstrual cup 

Managing the waste we go through during our periods is frustrating and the use of menstrual cups can reduce it considerably. Using menstrual cups is also an environment-friendly way of dealing with your period waste disposal.

Many women are not used to menstrual cups and wouldn’t try them because of the norms but it can be a better option once you try it out. A reusable menstrual cup not only saves space but also reduces plastic waste every month.

The fear and problems of running out of tampons or pads don’t arise in the case of menstrual cups as they can be reused several times. It is made up of non-toxic silicon or rubber and is thus perfectly safe to use within the body.

  • It is budget-friendly and avoids waste buildup, making a positive impact on the environment.
  • Prevents leakage and is capable of holding fluids for longer durations.
  • Can be washed and reused several times.

Along with pros, there are some cons too, such as:

  • It can be messy while remove and clean in certain situations.
  • Few women may find it uncomfortable or unmanageable at first but become easy with some practice.

There are videos and instructions available online which will guide you with the proper method of application. A couple of trials at home will help you get accustomed to it. The cup you choose will depend on age, flow and size needed. The cups are available in different sizes and flow ratings so make sure to find out what will work for you.

Picking the place to travel

The region or location you’re travelling to generally has a big impact on your health and periods. Places with high humidity will make you sweat profusely and the moisture makes it worse. Similarly, dry places and cold ones have their own set of problems.

Planning for the trip, and keeping your menstrual cycle in mind is your best bet. If unfortunately, things happen before the specified date, then don’t worry, the hacks and essentials mentioned above will make the vacation period comfortable and easier to manage.

To avoid hassles, menstrual cycle tracking apps might come in handy. Apps such as: “flo”, “period calendar”, and “clue” might be useful for tracking your cycle and give you detailed insights into the situation.

Eating healthy and exercising

Yoga or light exercising before your periods is very helpful in reducing stomach cramps and it keeps the flow in check. Avoid alcohol and caffeine because it makes the situation worse.

  • Eat leafy green veggies and fresh fruits that will replenish your body and provide needed vitamins and minerals.
  • Beans, lentils, and specific nuts contain a lot of iron and it is very healthy for our body.
  • Dehydration can set in very easily while you are on periods so make sure that you keep yourself hydrated properly to avoid any complications and health issues.

No one would want their periods to arrive when they are on a holiday. The “cycle” should not hinder your smile or memories and these tricks and tips will help in overcoming such situations and making the trip a peaceful and pleasant one.

Plan the trip in a way that has relaxing activities and proper inventory. Don’t miss out on the fun wherever you are and embrace it with pride.

FAQs about travelling During Period

Generally, people don’t discuss this topic openly. that’s why many people just like you have so many questions about How to Travel Confidently During Your Period. But don’t worry, we have the answers!

How do you deal with your period when travelling?

For further protection, you could use a tampon, or cup, and wear a pad or a set of period underwear. When travelling, it is advisable to bring ibuprofen and/or paracetamol to treat period cramps because they can be expensive and difficult to find abroad.

Is it difficult to travel during periods?

Pack your preferred pain reliever if you frequently experience period cramps because it could be challenging to obtain while travelling. In general, remote places and poor nations might make it more challenging to find anything menstrual (pads, tampons, wipes, pain pills, herbal teas, and heating pads).

Can airport security see my pad?

Even though the TSA admits that period products can be flagged as potential threats by the screening machines, there is no information about period products on the TSA website, despite the fact that the website lists what to expect with everything from clothing and shoes to medical devices and breast milk.

Does your period get heavier on a plane?

Does it get heavier when travelling via air? The good news is that there is some research to suggest your period might actually get lighter during a journey, so it won’t get heavier while you’re flying. Both the atmospheric pressure and the high altitude are responsible for this. After landing, one or both of these could briefly result in a heavier flow.

Can high altitude affect your period?

High altitude (HA) can affect menstruation, causing it to be stopped up, longer, shorter, or irregular. Jet lag, exercise, cold, and weight loss are a few more factors that might affect it, possibly more so than altitude.


Being on your period while travelling can be uncomfortable and annoying. However, by simply following these recommendations, you can maintain your calm, good mood, and self-assurance during your journey. There’s no reason to say no to your next travel destination if you have the necessary information, supplies, and period kit.

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